To champion the enjoyment of involvement.

Wellity Active started originally because the Wellity Kids couldn’t listen to any more adults saying that children were getting unhealthier. The team felt compelled to drop what they were doing, make a difference and try to raise the profile of childhood obesity around the globe.

Wellity want to disrupt and dismiss the notion that continually stating the problem is actually finding a solution. Wellity is about ‘doing’ and not ‘naysaying.’ It is not the kids fault that they are in this mess but it is now sadly their problem. As the movement has grown, Wellity is now a message of positivity for everyone. Wellity ambassadors, young and old embrace life, take on challenges in light of adversity and come to the table with a solutions rather than problems.

Our Mission is to celebrate people doing activity however they choose to do it and to create new positive role models that make “healthy” go viral and to encourage everyone to be the best they can be.

Be healthy. Be fun. Be Wellity Active.

The first Wellity promo

Today, nearly a 3rd of children aged 2 – 15 are overweight or obese – leading to diabetes in later life and over £5.1 billion spent on the NHS for treatment.

Children are becoming more and more sedate, staying in and playing video games or texting and not being active. Wellity Active by virtue should be heralded as the very moment that big companies woke up to the responsibility we all share in changing the lives and futures of our younger generations.

We need to make healthy go viral and start the change now …

Generations are now further apart from each other and becoming far more removed. What was relevant yesteryear is rapidly becoming less relevant today. Healthy marketing campaigns should be as cutting edge and targeted as those of the massive sugar food companies. Such campaigns should be relevant, current and targeted.

If children can face adversity on their own, then so can anybody with a positive attitude and the will to make a difference in their own lives. Activity has been proved to be great for body, mind and soul.

The Wellity story is real and the ambition is boundless.

Our ethos

It is not the winning that is championed. Success comes in the form of changing habits, making small steps and having at least one eye on health and fitness. Behaviours will not be changed overnight but the kids are saying “enough is enough” – we don’t want to be led by society into being unhealthy, we want to empower our peers to make positive decisions for ourselves.

Wellity is a positive movement for change and everyone is included.

Think Big – Start Small – Change Now

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