This was the Wellity Kids first animation … and indeed where it all started!

The Wellity Kids First Animation. Where it all started.

The Wellity Animation was written and performed by the 3 Wellity Kids to highlight the decline of children’s health and fitness and to try and raise its profile in the political agenda.

This video was made as the children had made it through to the Finals of The Fast Track To Growth business awards and they presented it to nearly 100 adults. They didn’t win, however it was an extremely proud moment and indeed the birth of the sports brand Wellity as you see it today.

The Wellity Script. Written and performed by the Wellity Kids.

Yes, kids should be more active.

And healthy food is better than junk food.

But if we already know all this, why is child obesity getting so much worse and at such a  rapid pace?

What will really get more kids up off the sofa and into a more healthy way of living?

That’s where Wellity is different.

It was set up by Molly, aged 12, Joe, 11, and Phoebe 10.

It’s run by kids for kids.

Our motto is think big, start small, change now.

And it’s for all kids, of any ability.

Becoming part of the Wellity movement is easy.

If you are a school or education facility, you can tell the world that you’re serious about getting your students more active and healthy.

It also says that you encourage young people to take charge of their own health and fitness.

Wellity has three main parts: sports and activity clothing, designed by the kids, for kids, which says the children are serious about their health.

Fitness and health education, which puts some science behind our PE lessons.

And the third bit is using the power of social media, to communicate change to the kids, in a language that they actually understand.

The stylish sportswear range can be designed, customised and marketed through young entrepreneurs within schools.

It’s like normal school sports kit – only cooler and more fun!

Through the Wellity education programme, fitness coaches and healthy eating experts, educate kids, to start making the small changes – that will add up to a big difference, and a healthier future.

And because Wellity is about encouraging everyone to take part, there are dedicated social media accounts, where we share and celebrate every step we all take, towards being healthier, and more active.

Wellity is a positive movement for change. The kids are in charge, but everyone is included.

Are you going to stay part of the problem?

Or become part of our solution?