Meet the children who inspired the business


Hello – I’m Molly. My favourite food is olives and I am the organised one. I honestly can’t believe how far we have come since we started Wellity!

I love PE and I am told that I am a bit of a fish in the water – I enjoy swimming. I try my best to eat healthy but it is hard when there is so much temptation. I started Wellity because I wanted to do more group activities with other children.


Hi guys. I am Joe. My job is to stick up for the lads …..  and to keep the dog out of our meetings. I’m really amazed to see how far we have come and we are enjoying every minute.

I used to play football but because I have grown a lot recently I now play rugby as it is easier to run into people rather than around them! I mainly want to get kids moving more which is why I started Wellity. I love presenting and I’m in charge of talking to adults and media.


Well I am Phoebe, hello. I love playing netball for school and can swim for hours. My favourite colour is Rose Gold and my fave animal is Luka.

I also love dancing. I want everyone to be Wellity Active. It doesn’t matter if you are good at sport or not – just come and join us. I started Wellity because I wanted everyone to “Be their own hero!” … as dad keeps saying (annoyingly.) We hope you like Wellity and we hope to see you soon.


CEO and legal Director. After being in business for many years I couldn’t believe my luck when the three kids wanted to start something and asked me to help them. At first we weren’t sure how to do it but their passion was overwhelming and their ambition, boundless. My view is that if we say no to kids wanting to helping themselves then we truly have no chance. Wellity Active is now a healthy and magical lifestyle brand for both children and adults; known as ” the badge of a healthy lifestyle” … we hope you will love it as well.

“Wellity ambassadors, young and old embrace life and take on challenges in light of adversity”

Wellity ambassadors have no fear, and no ingrained political correctness but they do have a mission to get everyone more empowered to help themselves.

Role models are getting younger these days and children influence other children more than any other social group ever can.

The delivery strategy for change has to start with the empowerment of children. It has to be their idea to make it both current and effective.

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Wellity Kids are Finalists in the 2018 Great British Entrepreneur Awards…

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