Meet some of the latest Wellity Ambassadors

Clara George

I’m Clara. I’m 23 years old and I’m a social media manager, blogger and model. I’m also the current Miss Devon which is a title that means I am able to be a female representative for the local community. Ever since I was young I have loved everything to do with health, fitness and fashion. This is why Wellity felt like the perfect match for me to collaborate on a clothing line and mental health campaign with. 

In school I was teased for my desire to be a blogger, a job which was very uncommon at the time. A lot of people were able to do this teasing over social media as it’s much easier to say something online than it is to say it to someone’s face. However, I persevered through the negativity and ended up realising most of my dreams. I knew that I wouldn’t have arrived to this point had I not stayed true to myself and ignored the haters. 

This is where the premise for a campaign with Wellity came from. I want to encourage others to be themselves and not focus on what anyone has to say about them. I also want to educate others on the negative sides of social media and how we should be using these platforms to empower and support each other. 

The moment I discovered Wellity, I knew that it was the company that I wanted to be involved with. Their ethos of encouraging others to keep fit and healthy is something that completely aligns with my beliefs. It’s time for more of us to spend time educating one another on health and fitness and I am so pleased to be backing such an important message. Not only do I want to encourage others to focus more on their physical health but also to take care of their mental health and wellbeing. Wellity is the perfect company to help me realise the vision and together we will work to make both physical and mental health a priority for people of all ages.

Keryn Seal

Honest, humbling and frankly hilarious.

With 127 football caps for England and Great Britain, Keryn Seal sits alongside Sir Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore, Peter Shilton, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney on the all time most capped England football players list.

Keryn captained the England Blind Squad scoring 20 goals and played at two Paralympic Games including London 2012 as well as 3 World Cups, and 7 European Championships (with a haul of 3 Silver & 2 Bronze medals.)

Oh and he also played cricket for England at the 2002 World Cup at the age of 20 and went on to represent England 35 times from 2002 to 2007 with an Ashes series in 2004.

Keryn’s strengths are reading the game, breaking up attacks, and creating opportunities for his teammates. In life, business and in sport.

Unashamedly funny and self-deprecating, Keryn has over 20 years of locker room banter stored in his kit bag. Against the odds and with huge determination, Keryn shows that anything is possible. With the transition from sight to no sight, Keryn has endured years of self-discovery but one thing that never wavered was his will to be at the top of his game – not even losing his sight would throw him off that course.

In all this … what is Keryn’s greatest and most proud moment in sport? ……. Pulling down David Beckhams shorts. I think you’ve now got the measure of Keryn Seal.

Now a business and family man, Keryn’s after dinner speeches leave the audience in hysterics, with a far greater awareness of the importance of teamwork and a renewed sense of ambition.

Chris Johnson

Chris was the very first Wellity ambassador after approaching us with his own health and fitness journey. Chris is heavily involved in the marketing of the brand simply because he wanted to be involved in the health and fitness journey of others.

Dedicated to helping the next generation of health enthusiasts, Chris has been a massive part of Wellity from its conception and we are extremely proud to have him on board.

“After seeing what the brand was trying to achieve and the act that it was started by children, I simply had to get involved. What Wellity stands for is amazing and its strap-line #ThinkBig #StartSmall #ChangeNow makes this brand accessible to everyone an not only the seasoned gym professional. We are all very excited about the future and welcome any further support.”

Dave Walker

As a qualified fitness professional, Dave understands the importance of promoting physical activity, fitness and well-being in order to embed these fundamental life skills into people at the earliest opportunity.  

As a former Military Police Officer in the British Army, before serving with Surrey Police, maintaining a high standard of health, fitness and well-being has been vital to performing these roles at an optimal level.     

Dave has always enjoyed playing sport, and has represented the British Army at Brigade level in both football and rugby. As the years have progressed, Dave now prefers to spend his time in his local gym training both alone, in group activities and with his 10 year old daughter Danielle. 

“To be an ambassador to a brand created by three school children, conveying the message of confidence, self-belief and that healthy looks different on every person is aligned to the values I promote and believe in. I am proud to be involved in endorsing and expanding the Wellity fitness clothing brand and promoting the healthy lifestyle message it encourages.” 

Sarah Bishton

Sarah has enjoyed sports from a young age and is proud to have represented England Netball U17, U19 and U21 age groups. This resulted in a sports scholarship to study Sport and Exercise science at the University of Birmingham. She has continued to play netball since moving to the South West two years ago and now coaches the U16 age group in her local netball club.

Sarah has two years experience in student participation and has enjoyed experiencing a variety of outdoor activities the South West has to offer! Her drive and passion is to promote physical activity to the wider community for all to experience it’s health and well being benefits.

“I will be involved in expanding Wellity’s fitness clothing and healthy lifestyle message into the wider community. I am proud to be a positive advocate of Wellity – “the brand of a healthy lifestyle.”

Simon S-Nelson

After being in business for many years I couldn’t believe my luck when three children wanted to start something and asked me to help them. At first we weren’t sure how to do it but their passion was overwhelming and their ambition, boundless.

My view is that if we say no to kids wanting to helping themselves then we truly have no chance. Wellity Active is now a healthy lifestyle brand for both children and adults; known as ” the badge of a healthy lifestyle” … we hope you will love it as well.

“Wellity ambassadors, young and old embrace life and take on challenges in light of adversity”

Wellity ambassadors have no fear, and no ingrained political correctness but they do have a mission to get everyone more empowered to help themselves.

Role models are getting younger these days and children influence other children more than any other social group ever can.

The delivery strategy for change has to start with the empowerment of children. It has to be their idea to make it both current and effective.

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