Gabby Logan interview about health, fitness and starting competitive sport at such a young age. Image credited to UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

Gabby Logan – Former Wales International Gymnast

Even at 16 you represented your country Wales in rhythmic gymnastics at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games. Just being away from home at that age would scare most teenagers but you were following your childhood dream and it really paid off.

Since then you have become very well known presenting Match of the Day and BBC Sports Personality of the Year, amongst many others programmes.

Because of your achievements at such a young age you are now a huge role model to children. We would like to find out more about you and how today’s children can follow in your footsteps and get healthy. Here are our questions below:

Our Interview with Gabby…

Q: 16! At the Commonwealth games! On the other side of the world! How did it make you feel?

A: I was enormously proud to represent Wales at sixteen years old at the Commonwealth Games. The fact that it was in Auckland made it all the more special as I was 24 hours from home in a truly incredible country. I adored my sport and training for it so that few weeks was the climax of years of training and dedication.

Q: What age did you start gymnastics and what inspired you to start?

A: I started gymnastics at around years old. But I was 10 years old when I started to train longer and harder up to 25 hours a week by the time I was 12. I loved lots of sport and I was really inspired by other gymnasts and other sports stars. You wont have heard of the gymnasts as they were Bulgarian and Russian but I was also a big fan of Tessa Sanderson, Steffi Graaf and men like Daley Thompson.

Q: Were you dragged there initially or did you want to go training? Who was your role model?

A: I was never forced to do it, my parents always encouraged all of their children to keep healthy and enjoy sport.

Q: What diet did you have to have? What treats were you allowed?

A: I was healthy and ate a good balanced diet.

Q: What were your main distractions and how did you avoid them? We have loads of distractions!

A: I think school work was the biggest distraction, so I always made sure I finished my homework and handed it in on time. I wanted to go to University so that was a major motivation. I wasn’t really too bothered about boys or going out, I knew there would be time for all of that stuff later. I had great friends who were incredibly supportive.

Q: How do you think that we can get more children healthy today?

A: Kids need a variety of options and the best way to keep fit is having fun, keep it fun.

Q: You are such a sporty family. Parents play a role in children’s fitness, so what more can they do?

A: I think Parents have to lead the way to show children that keeping fit and healthy is fun and part of everyday life.

Q: If you could have a dinner party with any 3 living sports personalities, who would they be?

A: My 3 sporty personalities would be – Usain Bolt, Serena Williams and Andy Murray

Thank you so much Gabby, you are a great role model.