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Wellity is “the brand of a healthy lifestyle” (Flybe Flight Time Magazine Nov. 2017) which means that being healthy is more than a filtered selfie, it is a way of life, a healthy diet, strength of mind and the confidence to say that healthy looks different on every body … but “this is me.” A range of sports activewear that encourages the journey of self belief.

Wellity Active was the brainchild of three Devon school children aged 10,11 & 12 who believe that everyone should be better informed about the importance of health and fitness.

Their idea took off quicker than anyone could imagine with the core values of wellness and vitality resonating far more than just a fashion label. Over the first year, the demand for their clothes grew rapidly, adults joined the team and now Wellity is the activewear brand of choice for those people who not only want to look good but who also value their nutrition, health and wellness. Their inner core so to speak.

Due to their profile in the fitness industry and because of their ages, the children are now ambassadors for Young Enterprise, Sugar Smart, The Great British Sports Show, South West Youth Games and also speak at many other events. They are ambassadors for children’s health, role models to everyone and have appeared on television raising the profile of health and childhood obesity.

They believe everyone should feel confident in themselves and have designed their sports and activewear range accordingly …. because healthy looks different on every body, but… “This is me.”

Welcome to Wellity ….. the badge of a healthy lifestyle. Wear it with pride.

What we do

Our mission is to encourage everyone to look good and feel great through active living and increased body confidence.

The three Wellity brand triangles represent the three children and the points on the triangles represent the hash tags with which they started their business … #ThinkBig #StartSmall #ChangeNow.

The triangles are a constant reminder to the wearer, that being active and making positive choices are making them #BetterEveryDay

The Wellity team are ambassadors for:

The Great British Sports Show
Sugar Smart
The South West Youth Games
Young Enterprise

To discuss Wellity becoming an ambassador for your organisation or to see how to become a Wellity Ambassador yourself, please contact our team.

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